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Ultra Vires

Beyond their powers. A corporation is said to act ultra vires when it exceeds the authority given it by its charter and by-laws.

Underlying Fee

A title concept in which ownership of all interest or estates in real property are less than or inferior to the most absolute interest one can have - that of fee ownership. It lies beneath all the other interests; it is basic, fundamental and implicit.


An insurance company that issues insurance policies to the public or to another insurer.

Undivided Interests

Unsegregated interests of co-owners in the entire property owned in common.


As related to join tenancy, four unities are necessary to create a valid join tenancy: time, title, interest and possession.

Unjust Enrichment

Legal doctrine designed to prevent a person from taking advantage of another person's mistake, such as overpayment of an amount due. It is based on a rule of fairness.

Unlawful Detainer

Action to recover possession of real property.


Any premium, profit, bonus, fee or charge which is demanded, required or exacted by a lender in excess of legal interest on money loaned.

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